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About us




My name is Zsuzsi (Susy), I am the owner and manager of Tassevärld. I am from Hungary and have been living in Sweden since 2013. I always loved animals, had a lot growing up: from hamster through cats and horses to – of course – dogs. For years I was also helping to a shelter back in Hungary by temporarily giving home to stray dogs, help socializing them, so they could have a chance of finding a new home.

When I came to Sweden, it was not possible for me to have my own dog, so when I got a job as a dogwalker I was the happiest person alive. That was a couple of years ago and since then I have been working with dogs for different companies and from March, 2017 I started walking dogs on my own. It has been a dream come true and I hope to have as many happy clients as possible in the future.





Tjena! My name is Erica and I am a huge animal lover and have always had pets at home, from dogs to cats and even birds. I even surrounded myself with animals at work, becoming a zookeeper and a wildlife rehabilitator back in the US. Here in Sweden I have a small flock of ducks, which I love dearly, but I miss having a dog of my own. This is why being a dog walker is the best job for me! I get to spend my days out in the city parks with many wonderful dogs, and then come home to my sweet ducks out in the country. This is the perfect life!


Östermalm - Gärdet


Hi, my name is Nils! I was born and raised in Sweden. As a child I only had cats but always hoped we would get a dog. That dream came true in 2020 when I got my first dog Luna. She was quickly followed by Maja just 6 months later. They sparked a love for dogs I didn’t know was there before and decided to look for jobs involving dogs! That dream also came true in 2022 when I got to start here at Tassevärld! It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to meet so many incredibly nice dogs!

Östermalm - Humlegården



My name is Brad and I’m from New Zealand. I grew up in the countryside and had dogs beside me for most of my life. Before coming to Sweden, I have spent many years traveling Europe where I have done several jobs with dogs including some volunteer work at a dog hotel in the Swiss mountains. I came to Sweden to build a career working with dogs and become a professional dog trainer. I also spend a lot of my spare time dog sitting.

Östermalm - Karlaplan


Hi, my name is Rebecca and I grew up in Stockholm. I have always had a great interest in animals and have had everything from horses, dogs, cats, birds, and pet rats. In school I interned at a dog daycare and already knew then that I wanted a job involving dogs as I am happiest when I am around them. Through Tassevärld, I get the opportunity to get to know and walk many wonderful dogs.

Kungsholmen - Kristineberg



Hej, my name is Richard, from China. I have loved dogs since I was a child. I can always gain the trust of dogs quickly and make them happy. I am not only a dog walker, but also an excellent trainer and photographer. Working at Tassevärld allows me to come into contact with dogs of all personalities and types, each cute in their own way, which is such a joy for me. Every moment I have with dogs is something I will never forget.

Kungsholmen - Fridhemsplan


Ana Caroline

Hi, My name is Ana Caroline and I’m from Brazil. I am a person that loves animals, especially dogs. As I don’t have the opportunity to have one in my apartment here in Sweden, I had the best job opportunity I could have: working with dogs every day. I love nature, the sea and walking through the parks. Being with the dogs every day working for Tassevärld is something that really makes me happy.

Kungsholmen - Rådhuset



Hello, my name is Marcelo; I am from Argentina. I am a dog lover and I had dogs my whole life. Since I left my country, I have not had dogs anymore, it is sad for me but when I started to work in Tassevärld I felt like the happiest guy; it is such a beautiful thing to spend time with the dogs, walking and playing.

Vasastan - Vanadisplan



My name is Chris, and I am from the United States. I have always loved all animals and have lived with dogs, cats, rabbits, and domestic rats. One of the jobs I had back in the states was at a pet hotel for both dogs and cats, and I also volunteered for a wildlife rehabilitation organization and worked with opossums and raccoons. I have two sweet, lovable cats at home who require all of my attention and object to the addition of any new pets, including dogs, so it is a pleasure to walk and play with dogs at work. I love how intelligent and playful my dogs are and how each of them have their own very unique personalities. I am so lucky to be with them every weekday.

Vasastan - Vasaparken



Hi, my name is Pontus and I was born in 2002, I grew up here in Stockholm. I have always loved animals, so I looked for a profession that allowed me to work with animals. I studied nature management with a specialization in veterinary care at Spånga Gymnasium and got to practice at some dog daycare. Have had a cat and dog all my life so I am very used to dogs.

Södermalm - Skanstull



My name is Carlos and I was born in Peru but I have lived in Spain since I was 4 years old. There I was studying electronic Engineering and then I decided to come Sweden. I loved dogs since I was a kid and walking and taking care of them is a great experience to me. I have also worked as a photographer, basketball coach and I am working at Tassevärld since the beginning of 2018.

Södermalm - Mariatorget



Hello! My name is Even, I was born Stockholm with a love for animals. Throughout my life I have taken care of everything from rabbits, cats, dogs, horses to sheep, ducks and chickens. But I find the greatest attraction to dogs. Being out in the sunlight, walking and hanging out with all kinds of dogs – big and small, happy and calm, old and young – at Tassevärld brings joy to both me and to my wonderful walking companions.

Södermalm - Medborgarplatsen


Hey there, I’m Nika and dogs have been a big part of my life since I was a kid. I had my own pup back then, and we had the best adventures together. Now, as a grown-up, I’m thrilled to be able to spend my days hanging out with dogs. Whether it’s taking them for a leisurely stroll around the block, playing fetch at the park, or just giving them some extra belly rubs, I’m here to make sure your furry friend has a tail-wagging good time. Trust me, I’ll treat them as my own.

Södermalm - Hornstull



Hello! I’m Andrei and I come from Romania. I’ve always been around dogs and I decided to rescue a stray dog 2 years ago. It turned out to be the best decision ever. Every day is full of happiness now. I joined Tassevärld because there is nothing better than being around dogs that love you unconditionally.

Backup Walker


My name is Svea and I grew up and went to school abroad, but I have been living in Stockholm since 2014. I am a CBT therapist and animal caretaker level 2, and have previously worked at Anicura Bagarmossen. I have always had pets myself but currently do not own a dog and miss playing and socializing with them so much. I work as a translator and teacher in psychology from home right now, and having the opportunity to go out with lovely dogs every day feels like a dream to me! I have knowledge in ethology (dog psychology) and dog training. I have a D9/GKLH approved degree, which means I am authorized by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to handle medications and give injections, as well as care for animals in various ways.