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When you contact us, we will ask you questions about your dog and your location to determine whether he/she is a good fit for the group nearby. If everything seems to fit well, we agree with you on a test day. For us, safety is the most important, so even if you have the kindest dog ever, we will need a test day to be sure that they get along well and like each other with the pack. For the test day, we send a backup walker along with the regular walker, this way there are two people present; one for the new dog, one for the pack. If everything goes well, we agree with you on a day to start. On the starting date, we will also send a backup walker with the walker once more (even if they get along well, it can be too much excitement at the first day, leashes tangle, etc.) Again, safety first. 😉

Yes, we do. However, we cannot take out dogs who are in heat (because we have uncastrated males in the group as well). That is usually a 3-4 weeks period when the dog in heat needs to be away from the pack.

We do not close down for summer, but we do close for 2 weeks at Christmas.

No, we do not work on weekends and neither on red days. Additionally, we do not work on Midsommarafton, Julafton, Nyårsafton either. However, we do work on klämdagar.

We offer 20 half price days per year when you can cancel a walk and we charge only half price for those days. After the 20 days are used, we charge full price. We do that in order to be able to save the spot for your dog while you are away. If you wish not to pay during the time you are away, you can chose to cancel the contract, but then you have to accept the risk of there might not be a space left for your dog when you are back (we have a strict limit of spaces to ensure that each of our dogs get enough individual attention). It is the same as with apartment renting; you are not cancelling your apartment when you are on holiday, even though you are not using it during that time. If you would chose to cancel it, it would be most likely be taken by the time you are back.

Yes, we do. We have 3-4 people ready to jump in at all times, so it is highly unlikely that we are not able to send a backup. Of course, there could be times when simply everybody gets sick at the same time. If we are not able to send substitution, we will deduct that day from your invoice.

Yes, it is always the same person. We have one person assigned for each group. With that said, people change jobs, get sick and go on vacation. In those cases, we will hire new people / send backup so you have nothing to worry about.

Yes, we do. We request a belastningregister and ask for a reference as well.

Yes, we do have a permit from Länsstyrelsen.

Yes, we do, we have an insurance at IF Försäkring.

We create groups where dogs get along very well; therefore, the risk of a fight is very-very low. Of course, very low does not mean non-existent, we are working with living creatures after all. We have a first aid kit with every walker, so they can attend to minor injuries (which can even occur just with a rough play; scratching each other, etc.). With minor injuries, of course we will immediately update you and agree on how to proceed. In case we were to have a more serious injury for some reason, we all have Djurambulansen’s phone number saved in our phones so the walker can call for help immediately.

We advise you to contact us about one month before you would like to start. Too early is not the best because if we test with your dog let us say in January and you only need walking from April, we might have some new dogs by that time and then we need to test again. Also, we cannot keep the spot for a dog who we do not have contract with yet. Too late can be problematic as well if we are fully booked with test days, because then we might not be able to test with your dog by the time you would need us to start. Therefore, the best is the middle, around a month in advance; enough time to test, but not too early that things change drastically by the time you actually start.